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Westwood-Benson Business Brokers is a leading provider of professional services for small and medium sized businesses. Our primary services are:

Selling a Business

Selling a business is a major step for most business owners and one that requires careful preparation and execution. Westwood-Benson Brokers are licensed professionals trained to assist you through the process and see that you obtain the highest possible price for your business, maintain confidentiality, comply with business transfer laws, avoid excess taxation and minimize any contingent liabilities after the sale.
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Determining Business Value and Business Appraisals

Westwood-Benson professionals are experts at valuing businesses. Business owners and lenders need to determine a business value or to appraise a business for a variety of reasons. The purpose of the business value will determine the type and complexity of the business valuation performed. Common reasons for a business valuation are preparation for a business sale, partnership buyout or new business financing. Whatever your need, Westwood-Benson will tailor the business valuation to fit your requirements.
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Other Business Services

The Westwood-Benson Business Broker team of professionals will advise and make recommendations on business succession planning, retirement and exit planning strategies, transfers to employees including Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), business growth initiatives and planning, financing, litigation support, expert witness, receiver and trustee services, business restructuring and sales and marketing strategies.
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Message from the President

Our commitment to providing business owners with the highest quality counseling and services is the foundation of Westwood-Benson Business Brokers philosophy. First and foremost is our obligation as business brokers to provide a smooth business sale and transition process that accomplishes the goals of the business owner. Our valuation services will always be comprehensive and address all variables in our determination of a business value. We look forward to working with you to sell a business, value a business or grow a business. Sincerely, Greg W. Roberti President
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Free Business Valuation

Westwood-Benson Business Brokers will provide a business valuation free of charge to business owners interested in selling their business. Call or contact us using the form below and we will be happy to assist you.

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